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Updated: Jan 8

As we step into a new year, the world of floral design is full of exciting trends that promise to bring freshness and innovation to our spaces. In this blog, we explore the floral landscape for 2024, which set to be a visual delight, with a diverse range of styles and elements taking centre stage. So, let's explore the top floral trends that we predict are going to captivate our senses and elevate our environments!

  1. Modern Romantic

In 2024, the floral scene is taking a turn towards the romantic and nostalgic. The Modern Romantic trend embraces the timeless elegance of bows, drooping fabrics & silky petals to create an atmosphere that feels both classic and contemporary. Imagine bouquets adorned with delicate bows, tables adorned with trailing ribbons, and tall taper candles adding a warm, intimate glow to the setting. The trend feels inspired by Victorian times and is all about infusing a sense of romance into our spaces. A perfect vibe for weddings & special events.

  1. La Dolce Vita

'La Dolce Vita' is set to captivate the senses with its infusion of cool summer tones and a delightful blend of rustic charm. This trend draws inspiration from the sweet and leisurely lifestyle of the Italian dolce vita, offering bouquets & event design that exude a sense of relaxation and sophistication. Picture designs featuring an array of cool summer hues, reminiscent of a refreshing dip in the Mediterranean, complemented by subtle rustic elements for an authentic touch. The trend takes a playful turn with fruity accents, introducing hints of lemony freshness to the floral compositions. La Dolce Vita is poised to redefine floral arrangements, seamlessly blending cool serenity with the warmth of rustic simplicity and a zesty, fruity twist.

  1. Monochromatic Magic

For those who appreciate the simplicity and sophistication of a single colour palette, the Monochromatic trend is here to shine in 2024. Whether it's a dreamy all-white arrangement or a bold burst of monochromatic hues, this trend celebrates the power of colour cohesion. Monochromatic floral designs have a timeless and chic appeal, think a cluster of white Calla Lillies on a bed of white Hydrangea. The simplicity of a single colour allows the intricate details of each bloom to take centre stage, creating a visually stunning and cohesive look.

  1. Abstract All The Way

Breaking away from traditional floral arrangements, this pop-arty trend is here to stay, as a popular style that emerged on the scene in the late 2010's & early 2020's and is still thriving going into 2024. Picture brightly coloured asymmetrical arrangements, unexpected angles, and varying heights that add a touch of avant-garde and creativity. This trend allows for a playful exploration of shapes and forms, making each arrangement a unique work of art. Whether it's a sculptural centrepiece or a whimsical bouquet, embracing the abstract brings a sense of movement and energy to floral design in 2024.

As we say goodbye to 2023 and embark on a new year, we think world of floral design is ready to bloom with creativity and innovation. The floral trends for this year promise to inspire and captivate, offering a diverse range of styles to suit every taste and occasion. So, let your spaces come alive with the beauty of this years floral trends and let your imagination go wild!

x Scarlett

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